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Retail News Flash vom 7.9.2023

News aus dem Handel- fachkundig kommentiert

Short English version:

Since Corona, it is well known that buying behaviour has changed. Some companies have succeeded in compensating for the decline in sales due to lower quantities by increasing prices. Tchibo has not succeeded. As already known, Tchibo has suffered a loss of € 167 m despite a turnover at the previous year’s level. In the previous year, the company reported a profit of +€176m. The reason for the record loss was lower contribution margins as a result of „dramatically increased“ costs for raw materials, energy and freight as well as disrupted supply chains. Coffee and cotton have become more expensive. At the same time, people were buying less promotional goods after the pandemic ended and it had not been possible to pass on the increased purchase prices. „We will put coffee more in the foreground in the future,“ the CEO told the „Handelsblatt“ – but denied a complete change of course. What is now becoming known, however, are the plans for getting back on the road to success. The entire travel business will be discontinued after 25 years. The action principle with something new every week is a bit worn out and too many articles have already been seen 10 times. I have been lacking the creativity to attract customers for a long time.
„Hugo Boss is preparing to enter the equestrian apparel ring with a new Boss line to be launched by September 15.

The Boss Equestrian collection has been designed, produced and distributed by Bold Equestrian Ltd, and offers a mix of lifestyle fashion for both men and women.

A select range of horse accessories will complete the line, also donning the brand’s signature colours of black, white and camel.

The spring/summer 2024 collection that is set to follow plans to expand the colour range.“

Mister Spex increases turnover in the first half year 2023 by 8% compared to last year.

Rolex buys the family owened jewellery brand Bucherer. With this the Rolex Holding becomes a multri brand powerhouse with a turnover of more than 12 bn swiss franks.
The new Salamander owner is behind the Italian shoe brand Bagatt and is a global licensee for the Daniel Hechter and Bugatti brands. AstorMueller is one of the leading shoe manufacturers in Europe and has subsidiaries in Switzerland, Romania and India.
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Topping-out ceremony at URW Überseequartier in Hamburg!
„After locations in Munich, Hamburg, Düsseldorf and at Tegernsee, Apropos opened its 10th concept store in Berlin at Kurfürstendamm 68 in the premises of the former Alhambra cinema on an area of around 870 square meters.

Another opening was on the agenda for Apropos: a 40 square meter Mono Brand Store with products from Exrtreme Cashmere at Via Somplaz 7 in St. Moritz. This is the first store for Extreme Cashmere and the first of Apropos in Switzerland.“
„The Signa subsidiary SportScheck currently operates 34 stores in Germany. These will be expanded by three top locations, each with 2,000 to 3,000 square meters: on Frankfurt’s Zeil, on Berlin’s Tauentzienstrasse and on Leipzig’s Hainstrasse.
The company’s roots go back to 1946, when Otto Scheck in Munich used old military stock to tailor warm clothing for winter sports“
„The 27,000 square meters of commercial space, 18,500 square meters of office space and 470 rental apartments are expected to be operational in the 2nd half of 2024.
The off-price retailer TK Maxx will be present on an area of about 2000 sqm.“

„LFDY announces the opening of their LFDY Basketball Court in Flingern, Düsseldorf on August 26, 2023.

Like many people, I love to grate Parmesan cheese not only over my pasta, but also to eat it as small pieces. If there’s a little crunch from now on, it could be because you’ve bitten a microchip. To protect themselves from product piracy, manufacturers of Parmigano Reggiano are taking a new and unusual approach. Because real Parmesan is often counterfeited due to its high price, producers in Italy are now building new types of microchips into the cheese wheels. This makes it possible to prove the authenticity of the cheese and distinguish it from fakes. The microchips developed by the US company p-Chips are made of silicone and are smaller and more stable than the commercially available RFID chips. According to tests, they can survive a bath in stomach acid – for up to three weeks. According to the manufacturer, they can therefore be eaten without hesitation and are excreted again in the normal way. I’m curious to see if they get away with this stunt. In any case, I have no desire in future to consume all foodstuffs of original origin such as champagne, Frankfurt Green Sauce, Wiener Schnitzel, feta cheese, Parma ham, Irish whiskey and many other things with microchips. Later, they can scan my stomach contents and send me suitable advertising offers. No thanks…