about us


We are an international power house for ideas and concepts for commercial and retail projects
combining architecture, design, art and music in a very professional, consistent and tasteful way.  

„I’m Heidemarie Kriz, an Architect and a Designer.
I was born in Graz, Austria, and I loved to work with brands such as Levi’s, Nike, Palmers, Apple and Humanic for more than two decades. My specialty is definitely working out concepts for stores, including all sorts of designwork around the store, such as furniture and other objects- to develop a coherent experience that helps identify with the brand. This process is rounded off by my intense sensibility for colours, shapes and materials. I’m a visual and creative person, and also very haptic (anything I touch I remember and can recall this memory at any time). I am a positive thinker, who is interested in everything that goes on around me and in the world. I am also usually a perfectionist, but also a creative freethinker. I can be a bit extravagant. I have a deep love for music, arts and culture, hats and shades. And most definitely the colour black. Apart from that I’m always interested in traveling, getting to know the people of that country and especially their customs.
My work is my passion, my life. I have been involved in designing shops and everything around this job for over 20 years. Art, music, colours, proportions, materials, client behaviour, purchasing behaviour and neuromarketing…. are all essential parts of my work. Therefore I continually stay on top of my game by attending seminars and visiting expos. I just enjoy creating a new face for brands, to open up a new and captivating world for shoppers, to suprise them and ultimately inspire them to buy something through my innovations. Every new project is a journey into a new and distinctive, yet constantly evolving, world. Each product, no matter in what price range, deserves to have a perfect stage set for itself. To do this effectively I need to be cautious and sensitive, but most importantly I need to be able to rely on my experience. Because of my previous achievements I get commissioned by brands to bring their shops to the point of being called state of the art, ultimately to improve sales of course. I call this system POSitive Affairs®. (Point of Sales Solutions) The result is tangible practical solutions that lead to more business. It often doesn’t take that many innovations to bring a shop back on track.
My good taste, that I can put to use purposefully, my vast curiosity and my distinctive skill of being able to predict Trends are some facts brands get in touch with me. Also the use of new and unknown materials from all of Europe and the US. Decades of experience and the broad spectrum of my intellectual foundation made up of architecture, arts, design and music. Ultimately my ability to bring everything to the table in a one stop shop: everything concerning retail, the concept of the shop and furniture design.“