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Retail News Flash vom 6.10.2023

News aus dem Handel – sachkundig kommentiert

English short version:
A 2-digit decline in the fashion industry makes us sit up and take notice. Was it the warm autumn? Was it the strong previous year?was it the resurgent online trade? a little bit of each. what we do know: customers are holding back. More and more, more and more often. Even in online trade there was a decline to report. Less money to spend after the travel season, full wardrobes, nothing new in fashion and the price attacks of the discounters who sell quantities but don’t produce a big receipt. Add to this not exactly inspiring trading places, as the next news item will show in a moment. But the truth is that this is just a snapshot. The average is a double-digit minus, but there are winners and losers.
he German Textile, Footwear and Leather Goods Trade Association (Handelsverband Textil Schuhe Lederwaren, BTE) has conducted a survey to find out what customers dislike most about shopping for clothing in the city centres. According to the survey, the consumers most frequently criticised the many empty shops, closely followed by the „poor condition of buildings and squares (‚eyesores‘)“ . . Almost half of the survey participants also complained about the „increasingly poor accessibility by car“.Also high on the list of criticisms was the range of services in the city centres. For example, 45 percent of the respondents complained about „too many one-euro shops, junk shops“, 37 percent disliked the „monotonous assortment of the fashion trade“ and 33 percent the „not enough high-quality“ gastronomy.Also high on the list of criticisms was the range of services in the city centres. For example, 45 percent of the respondents complained about „too many one-euro shops, junk shops“, 37 percent disliked the „monotonous assortment of the fashion trade“ and 33 percent the „not enough high-quality“ gastronomy.The general condition of the city centres also met with criticism. Consumers complained about „too much rubbish and dirt“ and „too little greenery“. Another frequent complaint was the unreliable public transport system.
After 2 years at the NYSE, Signa Sports United announces its delisting, which shall become effective as of 31.12.2023.
The only German location of the French department store chain Galeries Lafayette will close at the end of 2024 after almost 30 years. The lease for the store on Friedrichstrasse in Berlin with property owner Tishman Speyer will not be extended. There are already advanced plans for a subsequent use: Berlin’s Senator for Culture Joe Chialo would like to house the Central and Regional Library in the building. In 1996, the department store was one of only a few outside France to move into the building, designed by French architect Jean Nouvel, on Friedrichstrasse in Berlin.
Deichmann subsidiary onygo will close its 28 stores in Germany by August 2024 at the latest. This will affect 280 employees.

The entire building received a new facade color and now shines in new, beautiful splendor at Graben 22. Upon entering the luxury store, the mosaic floor in Hermès‘ characteristic colors of gray, beige and gold immediately catches the eye. A clear eye-catcher is the curved staircase that connects all three floors.

Bottega Veneta reopens upsized Boutique in Paris Avenue Montaigne on ca 750m2.
Introducing our Paris flagship store, located in the Le Marais neighborhood at 28 rue de Poitou, 75003.
Uniqlo expands from 2000 to 2200m2 after 18 months of intensive renovation. The line up focuses on Japanese pop culture motifs that are popular in Paris. In a collaboration with the Paris Opera, Uniqlo is the official partner of „my First time at the opéra“, a program that offers families who have never been to the opera the opportunity to attend a play at reduced prices.
Rituals is currently represented in 36 countries with over 1000 stores. Now the brand is opening its first relaxation and well-being oasis in France. The brand’s wellness program kicked off in 2020 at the House of Rituals in Amsterdam, and a Mind Oasis opened in Antwerp a few weeks ago. Now, preparations for the opening in the French capital are in full swing for the October 12 opening, but other implementations are also on the agenda: Frankfurt am Main in Germany in 2023, Barcelona is scheduled to open in December 2023.

The mission: “To support the development of the Estée Lauder Group’s fragrance brand portfolio by locating near its perfumers, suppliers and production partners. Led by a dedicated team of fragrance experts, L’Atelier will deepen co-creation and collaboration with external partners to accelerate the launch of innovative fragrances, packaging and concepts,““ the American group said in a press release.
Estée Lauder has a large portfolio of fragrance brands, including Jo Malone London, Tom Ford and Le Labo, as well as the French houses Kilian Paris and Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle. “
„The newly opened store of the premium shoe retailer covers about 270 square meters and is located in a prime location at 272-272 Oxford Street.
Kurt Geiger is known for its rainbow colors, which are also always popular for its products. These colors have now also been picked up by architect Stefano Ripoli in some places and used in the store.
Kurt Geiger, which is owned by private equity firm Cinven, has secured a new financing package and is now continuing its international expansion. The company currently operates 70 standalone stores and 100 concessions with sales of £234 million (up 22% by the end of January 2023) and net profits of around £7.3 million.
CEO Neil Clifford has announced plans to grow the international business to the same size as the UK business. The brand has a presence in the U.S. in addition to Europe and the UK.“
„New Balance employs about 8,000 people worldwide and has announced sales of $5.3 billion for 2022. The factories are mostly located in New England, but one is in Flimby, United Kingdom.
The world’s first concept of its kind features a smaller but more targeted assortment. The aim is to appeal specifically to younger customers by not telling all the brand’s stories, but those that are relevant to this target group. Athletes are addressed just as much as fashion influencers. In this new store concept, people are the focus of the shopping experience, not the products. The aim is also to spark the interest of people who are discovering the brand for the first time.
The company is now planning to roll out this brand identity, which has just been unveiled in London. The next store will be implemented in New Balance’s hometown of Boston, Massachusetts, where the company’s headquarters are located.“
„The family business MPreis is managed by the fourth generation and celebrates its 20th anniversary in South Tyrol
MPreis South Tyrol was founded in Bruneck in 2003. Currently, the grocery chain operates 25 locations in the region, including five Superm by MPreis stores with a sales area of over 3000 m². The next openings in the coming months are planned in Siusi allo Sciliar and St. Jakob (Laives), but construction has already begun in Val Venosta and Val Passiria as well. In the next five years, another 10 locations are planned in South Tyrol. In the last 10 years, the number of locations in South Tyrol has been expanded by around 75%.
The focus of MPreis is on regionality.The origin of the grocery chain goes back to a grocery store opened in Innsbruck in 1920 by Johann and Therese Mölk. Today, MPreis operates a total of 257 locations with over 6000 employees and is also represented in Austria in six federal states. The company’s values are lived sustainability, selected variety, emotional aesthetics and family tradition. Markets have always been places of encounter, the center of social life, and MPreis wants to continue this tradition in its markets today.“

Milan Fashion Week this time was also the on gaming platforms Roblox, Zepeto in South Korea and QQ in China to ensure that the sense of inclusivity is extended to the metaverse. Gucci Town on Roblox, the house’s permanent experience that launched in May 2022, has been renamed Gucci Ancora and features a new, refined design that transports visitors to a meta version of the show’s real-life setting in Milan’s creative Brera district.

Hermès loses in court against the berlin based fashion label Namilia, that incorporated a revamped Birking Bag into her Catwalk stylings in Summer this year.
Cuccina Closed does not mean that the kitchen stays cold, but that the fashion brand Closed has gone under the publishers. DEnim UND PASTA is the name of the work. Closed has collected Italian family recipes from the people behind the clothes: Cappelletti from Claudia, who makes the jeans, or Cannelloni with Ricotta, Zi- trone and Artichokes from Carlo in the laundry. The result is an Italian cookbook for the price of 40€. Buon appetito
„Simply not possible“ – Lego discards plan to make bricks from old PET bottles. he Danish toy manufacturer Lego has suffered a setback in its search for an environmentally friendly raw material for its plastic bricks. After more than two years of tests with recycled plastic bottles, the Danish company announced on Monday that it had found that this material did not reduce carbon emissions. We have tested hundreds and hundreds of materials. It was simply not possible to find such a material,“ Lego CEO Niels Christiansen told the Financial Times newspaper. .The difficulty was finding a material that was environmentally friendly but had the same colour, shine and sound as the oil-based original. Lego continues to research and does not give up.

Rituals opens first mental relaxation spa in France on the Champs-Elysées – ACROS,1561849.html#zimmermann,1561253.html#elie-saab