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Retail News Flash vom 13.4.2023

News aus dem Handel- sachkundig kommentiert

English short version:
German online trade remains volatile at the beginning of the year. Compared to the same quarter in 2022, online sales of goods fell by 15.0 per cent from January to the end of March to 19.4 billion euros (Q1/2022: 22.8 billion euros). In contrast, sales of digital services (e.g. ticketing and holiday bookings) continued their recovery with an increase of 28.2 per cent to 2.4 billion euros (Q1/2022: 1.85 billion euros).
Record result in the corporate history of Decathlon Germany: The sporting goods manufacturer and retailer cracks the sales billion mark in Germany for the first time and achieves gross sales of € 1.06 billion in 2022. This corresponds to a growth of 28.4% compared to the previous year. Earnings before taxes (EBIT) amount to € 30.1 million. The company is thus on its way to becoming the No. 1 sports platform in Germany.
Europe’s largest shoe retailer DEICHMANN can report significant growth for the past year 2022. Turnover in the group of companies rose to a record level of over 8 billion euros in 2022. The Essen-based company thus made targeted use of its opportunities even in times of crisis and is setting the strategic course for the future with far-sighted investments. In 2023, DEICHMANN will continue to focus on self-financed expansion, the modernisation of the branch network, the consistent expansion of the brand portfolio and the further development of the successful omnichannel strategy.
„not everyone in the shoe industry is doing as well as Deichmann. **Reno **(180 branches and 1000 employees) is currently looking for an investor. The shoe chain has been in preliminary insolvency proceedings since March 28. The aim should be to rehabilitate the 2nd largest German shoe chain store. Through a structured distressed M&A process, corporate consultancy W&P now intends to find a strategic investor to save as many Reno stores and jobs as possible.
After Görtz, Klauser and Salamander, Schuhkay, Shoepassion and Surf4shoes, Reno is now also joining the troubled shoe retailer Reno’s golden Times, the chain has 850 branches and annual sales of EUR 1 billion.“
„Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, an armed conflict that began on February 24, 2022, **Inditex **temporarily closed its more than 500 stores in the country. Just over a week later, the Spanish multinational announced its withdrawal from the country.
For Inditex in Russia, this decision meant closing the door on its second largest market after Spain.
Russia’s Ministry of Industry and Trade announced on Wednesday that the government commission responsible for monitoring foreign investments has given the green light to an agreement under which Spain’s Inditex will acquire 100 percent of the shares in Novaya Moda (formerly Zara CIS), the Russian entity by Inditex, could sell. to Fashion and More Management DMCC, a buyer from the United Arab Emirates, one of the so-called “friendly countries of Russia”.
The price of the transaction was not disclosed by the ministry.

As a result of this decision, some of the former stores are expected to reopen soon under new names – such as MAAG, DUB, ECRU or VILET – between April and May 2023.

At the end of October 2022, Inditex announced that it had agreed to sell Novaya Moda JSC to Middle East investment company Folger Group.

Although the Spanish company assured that the terms of the agreement would separate the Inditex group from the openings carried out by the investor, they explained that they also leave Inditex some flexibility to resume its operations should the international context require it possible to resume activity in the future by examining the possibility of franchising its brands to the Vom group.“

On Friday April 7th, Plein Sport will open its first European outlet store at Designer Outlet Roermond. The shopfitting is very modern in black and white. The signature animal is a tiger’s head, which can also be found again and again in the design of the shopfitting.

**“Decentraland **recently wrapped its four-day virtual fashion week. It would be hard to argue it was a success.
While the metaverse platform attracted 108,000 “unique attendees““ last year, the company said only 26,000 attended this year, a dramatic decline of 76% for the event that ran from March 28 through March 31. Despite top brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Tommy Hilfiger and Adidas all sponsoring shows, a Decentraland spokesperson said the most people signed in at one time barely eclipsed 1,000 people.
Decentraland has been valued at $1 billion, and its native token, mana, once had a market capitalization of more than $6 billion. Event planners tried to look for a bright side.
„“Although attendee numbers were down, we had tens of thousands of new visitors to the metaverse,““ said Dr. Giovana Graziosi Casimiro, head of Metaverse Fashion Week. „“For the second ever Metaverse Fashion Week, we believe that we improved upon the experience from last year.“““