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Jonathan Doughty about Manifesto

Special edition of the Retail News Flash

In todays special edition of the Retail News flash we have very exciting interview with Jonathan Doughty about the Manifesto Food Hall in Berlin.

Jonathan worked for 46 years in the Restaurant industry and helped the czech founder Martin Barry to establish this incredible new concept in Germany.
As part of the Shopping Center The Playce on Potsdamer Platz in Berlin Manifesto is Europe largest Food Hall and certainly one of the most exciting.

The new concept brings together gastronomic experiences and cultural and lifestyle events, as well as education and entertainment, to transform places into unforgettable destinations.
On over 4,000-square-meter Visitors will find more than 25 restaurants, two bars, grocery stores for local consumption, a „Chef’s Table“ and a cultural stage.
Anna had a wonderful interview with Jonathan about the making of Manifesto.
Listen to this very special episode.